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Surround Yourself with Natural Beauty in The Difference Cabin

The Difference Cabin was inspired by the beauty and longevity found in nature’s oldest living trees. All the furniture you see is made from trees in the surrounding area. The old, twisted wood is a testament of endurance, strength, and beauty. These reclaimed South African trees provide a rustic design element and a reminder of the steadfastness of the world around us.

Many different trees were used to provide a novel vacation experience. Swarthout from the Drakenstein area, Olienhout form the Klein Drakenstein area, and Grys Populier were all used to build and furnish The Difference Cabin. Most of these trees were 100, 150, or even over 200 years old before they died of natural casuses!

These hundred-year-old trees may no longer be growing, but they still have a life of their own. Every knot, whorl, and indentation in the wood tells a story of the tree that once grew in the midst of the Western Cape winelands. When you stay in the Difference Cabin for your romantic getaway or family vacation, you’ll want to take the time to appreciate every detail.

Feel at Home in Nature at The Difference Cabin in Stellenbosch

Tourists, adventurers and vacationers will find themselves connected to nature in The Difference Cabin. Looking out the window, you’ll see the beautiful landscape where the old trees in the room got their start. It’s hard to imagine that the gnarled old trees were once tiny seeds, back in another day and age.