The Pallet

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Cabins Bathroom

A Unique Chalet the Western Cape

Our inspiration for the use of a wholly-pallet design derives from the pallet’s versatile nature and recent popularity in the arts. Artists have given pallets a new purpose in initiatives to recycle and reclaim lost nature. By furnishing this room with recycled pallets, we’re contributing to this cause.

Pallets can be used to transform a room into something rustic and rejuvenating. When we designed this room for travelers, we were attempting to return something that was taken from nature and put it into a place where it can coexist with us in peace. The resulting natural atmosphere puts the body and mind at ease. The room truly complements the surrounding grounds of the resort in the Boland Winelands.

The Pallet Cabin designers have used pallets in many creative ways, sparking creativity in those who stay here. The boards’ versatility speaks to the days of a spurring industrial revolution in the early 20th century and during the trying times of world wars. Pallets were made to support, protect, and assist. They were never made to travel alone and have been companions to many. Now, these well-traveled boards can be a part of your own journeys and adventures.

In The Pallet Cabin, the wooden boards have finished their job and are ready to retire. There are only stories to be told. So relax and enjoy your stay in the Pallet Room. Make your reservation today!

The Pallet Room

For holiday tourists, travel enthusiasts and people who like to leave their mark in the world, The Pallet Room speaks secrets of a vast world with a multitude of experience.

The cabin is constructed from recycled pallets that have transported goods across towns and cities—even across countries and continents. These rustic boards welcome visitors on a self-catered retreat in the Western Cape.

These sturdy boards will support you as you rest on the custom-made furniture and take in the earthy smell permeating the air after a day filled with adventure. Each board spends the night telling stories of their travels from their youth: how it got that chip, what forest it grew up in, what the knot decorating its surface means to it… No two boards are the same and neither are the visitors that stay here.